Since 2013, we are not just a sexual wellness products designer and manufacturer, we create them for ultimate pleasure. Innovation, technology, quality, beautiful, elegant are the best words to describe Loviss products. Loviss focusing on female sexual wellness, bringing fun, excitment and happiness to every woman.


Loviss, aims to have our product end users to love and miss the cheerful sensation and joyful feeling, soft and powerful vibration, crafted with ergonomic design, give her an experience of unparalleled pleasure.


For more than a decade's research and development of sexual wellness and intimate products, we learn the important of a quality product for intimate use that all lines of our products are manufactured with body safe material, with able to pass medical skin surface touch tests to ensure that our users use safe products to the greatest extent.


Sex is not just about expressing desire, but also about feelings, communication, and passion in the process of pursuit. Many people have misunderstandings about sex toys. They think that sex toys such as massage cups and airplane cups are only toys for people seeking comfort late at night. People with partners do not need sex toys at all. But how many couples have tried to understand each other's needs seriously, put aside their pride and prejudices, and use sex products to make each other happy? Sex toys are a tool that adds pleasure to the other person during sex. It is also a bridge to understand yourself and release yourself.

As a sex toy brand, we not only introduce the most comfortable and popular sex toys to customers but also hope to understand yourself and each other’s needs through the promotion of various adult products, to create the best sex experience for you. We firmly believe that everyone needs sex toys, so let Loviss takes you into this unknown territory and experience the best sex products and sex life.

Ordinary sexual experience does not require any props, it can be done with a simple pair of hands. But precisely because it is so simple to solve sexual desire, a high-quality sex life becomes precious and worth pursuing. Sex toys bring not only the final climax, but also the sense of reality and involvement in the process. Adult products can give you real-life comfort when you are single and lonely. They can also add interest when two people have sex. With Loviss, you can deepen your understanding of yourself and the other person and bring the two parties closer together. Therefore, owning sex toys does not mean that you do not need the other person. On the contrary, you should listen to the other person's needs and use sex toys to sublimate your sex life.

  • Design and Innovation

    Loviss products are designed by skilled industrial designers with innovation, strong internal structure to make sure our products are safe in operation.

  • Body Safe Material Used Only

    Only body safe silicone and plastic as well as the internal environmental material parts are used in Loviss products.

  • Awarded Customer Services

    We not only care about the product quality but also customer satisfaction is one of our main and important goals.

Loviss® is a registered trademark covers the following countries: The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China Mainland, Hong Kong, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and more.