Since 2010, we not just make sexual wellness products but we create them for ultimate pleasure. Innovation, technology, quality, beautiful, elegant are the best words to describe loviss products. Loviss, aims to have our product end users to love and miss the cheerful sensation and joyful feeling, soft and powerful vibration give her an experience of unparalleled pleasure.

For a decade's research and development of sexual wellness and intimate products, we learn the important of a quality product for intimate use that all lines of our products are manufactured with body safe material, with able to pass medical skin surface touch tests to ensure that our users use safe products to the greatest extent.

Design, engineering, creative conceptions, achievable cost, quality control and professional manufacturing services are all found at loviss, we are committed to help with global customers to gain the most value first hand intimate products market. We don't make our own brand products but we are dedicated to help our customers to create something that matters.
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Our Field of Expertise
Industrial Design
Perform new products industrial design and select the best one for the market
Structural Design
Perform new products structural design to make sure everything fit and works
Functioning Prototypes
Make functioning prototypes to verify the feasibility of the design
Finished Products
Finish product development and put into production
Manufacturing Services
Provide awarded ODM/OEM manufacturing services
Tooling Services
Provide skill tooling services to fulfill any new product tooling needs
Fast Turnaround in Production
Strong management to support fast turnaround in production
Quality Control
Strict quality control for quality products assured
Our Sex Doll Series
Quality Assurance
Every sex doll has been strictly inspected before leaving the factory and they are conform to international standards
Medical Grade TPE Materials
Most of the dolls we sell are medical grade TPE material. Its hand feel is close to the real skin, and it will not cause harm to the human body
Affordable Prices
We offer sex dolls with affordable price and high quality TPE material, which meets the purchasing ability of most customers
Authentic Product Guarantee
We do not provide any falsely advertised products, we sincerely treat and welcome every customer who loves sex dolls
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